Blogger Tip Jar Controversy

Skippy has started all the bloggers talking about tip jars – asking readers to donate some money to keep the effort going. I’m going to take a different tack on this.

I think it’s great if some bloggers ask for a donation. More power to ya! I don’t ask readers for cash, but I don’t object when others do. (Voice from wife in background, “What do you mean you aren’t asking for cash. You can do that? Why aren’t you doing that?”)

What I want is for all of us “lefty” bloggers to more actively encourage our readers to go out and recruit more people to discover what’s available online. If the country is divided down the middle politically that should mean that about 140 million people agree with us. We need to start getting them to “OUR” information sources – BuzzFlash and weblogs! It’s not just to get us more readers, this is important. There really is better information here than people are getting from newspapers and TV. And jeeze, don’t even mention radio!

I haven’t seen other bloggers asking readers to send e-mails out to others. That’s how you get people to try something – you ask them! So all you bloggers, start asking your readers to send e-mails to people they know, telling them that the mainstream information sources are not being straight with them! If you’re reading these weblogs and other online sources you KNOW this is a fact!

For you bloggers who are asking for some cash, think about this. Suppose you’re getting $1 a day now. Suppose that a serious outreach effort can get 100 times as many people getting their info online… do the math.

There are somewhere up to 140 million people on our side in this country – go tell them to start reading BuzzFlash and discover weblogs.