Blogger Beat Up By Sen. Allen Staffers

Blogger Mike Stark was assaulted and beaten by staffers of Virginia Senator George Allen today.
Update, now have YouTube video.

Alternet PEEK blog has CNN video.

There is a video of the incident available from a local news station:NBC 29: Count on Us – Incident at Allen Campaign Stop in Charlottesville. The text accompanying the video states:

As Senator Allen was exiting a ballroom, coming to talk to the media, a protestor started yelling and asking, “Why did you spit on your first wife?”. He wasn’t able to get near the senator as he was tackled by three men wearing Allen stickers, presumed to be staffers. He was pushed and manhandled and ended up on the floor, near windows at the Omni.

I will have more here as the story develops.
UpdateAtrios is on it. Kos is on it too. AmericaBlog now. MyDD has video.

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  1. Hey, that reminds me, one of the bloggers at filed assault charges against Bob Novak, in Vermont during the 2004 elections. The Novak shoved the blogger to the ground. I wonder how that ever turned out.

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