2 thoughts on “Blog Title Of The Week

  1. Well, are you full of pig shit? I thought your post about these voter initiatives sounded very unlikey and alarmist, but I haven’t had a chance to research them yet. What’s the deal? Do you stand by the assertions you made in your “Hog Farm” post?
    I read your blog for the housing bubble commentary. I’m not sympathetic to your left-leaning, Democratic Party boosterism. I am very intersted in property rights issues.

  2. I sometimes wonder what the extreme property rights advocates think of the fact that with property taxes, you actually don’t technically own the land — you basically lease it with the government foreclosing on it if you don’t pay your rent/taxes.
    The fact that churches, i.e. tribes, don’t have to pay taxes means that they remain the only true property owners in the country, which is one excuse for them turning this into a dominionist state. I can see the Church of Pig Farming starting soon.
    But since “Instant Karma” Becky will say that I haven’t read all the legal fine-print, I might as well concede the rhetorical argument right here and now.

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