Blog Hero – Body and Soul

I give Body and Soul the Seeing the Forest Blog Hero award today, for writing this piece. This is a big-deal award to receive — so much so that I made up the award just to give it. (I’ll continue to present the Blog Hero award in the future – to motivate bloggers to go write better.)

From the piece,

My local newspaper crossed a line. Yesterday (or maybe it was the day before, I’m not sure, bits of news and information just seem to be tumbling over each other lately), they printed a letter from someone complaining about another letter, which had mentioned Iraqi children. Yesterday’s writer was outraged by the mention of those children. They are a gun pointed right at us, she said. We need to kill them all before they get a chance to grow up and kill us.

Please go the rest of Body and Soul’s piece!

Thanks TBOGG for pointing out this piece.