Blog Hero Award

The coveted, much sought-after blog hero award goes to Body and Soul: Attacking a general (or any other Democrat):

“The natural tendency, when you see your opponent get trashed, even when you know it’s unfair, is to sit back and watch it happen. But under the circumstances, I think the Democrats have more to gain from standing up for each other than from standing by and letting it happen. In other words, all of the candidates should make it clear that they object to the press putting the Dean Scream on endless repeat. When they go after Dean for mentioning Diebold, all of them should back him up. After Clark was attacked unfairly, all of them should make clear that while they may not want to dwell on Bush’s military record, it’s disingenuous of the press to completely ignore it.

My gooey, naive, and certainly odd advice to the candidates: Point out your differences with the other candidates, but stand up and be counted when they attack your opponents unfairly, because if you rise to that position, they’ll go after you in the same way. It’s a battle you can’t fight alone.”