Blog Hero Award

The cherished STF Blog Hero Award goes to Cup O’ Joe for his post They Brought It On Themselves! about Southern Whites.

“Nothing I can say will convince them that their outlook on life is harmful to them, or that the people they are trusting to protect and to guide them are more than likely just using them to further their own causes, whatever they may be. To them, I’m just an interfering Yankee (never mind that I’ve lived in Atlanta for a decade) who doesn’t know anything about life (despite the fact that I have lived in more places than some of these people have even heard of). Things are the way they are and that’s the way it will always be. It’s an argument you would expect to hear from a slave or a feudal peasant, not a citizen of a free nation.”

Go read, it’s good. Other good stuff there, too. Scroll around.