Blog Hero Award

Matt Stoller is hereby awarded the coveted Seeing the Forest Blog Hero Award, for his piece today, How I Refound My Optimism. Naturally you gotta go read the whole thing. But here’s a bit:

“As the bloggerati became irrelevant in the glare of the final days, and organizing that we could not do took over, people sat, fidgeted, and bitched at each other online to get offline and ‘do something’, echoing the Ashcroftian idea that dissent is unpatriotic, only this time asking me not to dissent against Kerry, a man who refused to stake out a coherent set of ideals to run on, and did so in my name and the name of my party.

[. . .] This is not a conservative country – Kerry ran a horrible campaign, and still received 48% of the vote. But it is a country whose ability to pick leadership at all levels is in utter shambles. The depth of the loss brought that home. Democrats are in the opposition, which is tremendously freeing in that irrelevancy allows us to ditch all the special interests who have sank their teeth into our necks.

[. . .] I cared about Kerry’s election for one reason – I didn’t want the American people to ratify torture. But we did. So the loss was awful, but I never expected ‘everything to be alright’ even if Kerry had won. Still, the reaction to what happened was incredibly discouraging. Democrats have still not figured out, and apparently will not figure out, how to act like an opposition.

[. . .] [. . .] Americans have decided that everything is basically ok, and don’t want to rock the boat. The right knows this, that they cannot legitimately change the constitution, so they put airy rhetoric to the test and claim a mandate to slip in a reversion to Medieval times in the backdoor. It is wrong, but it comes because we have not led. When we do, and when Americans are ready to put their minds to genuine constitutional change, the right will fall, as the Confederacy did before them.”

Now you gotta go read it.

I’ve met Matt. Matt is going to be at least a Senator some day.