Blog Change Coming Friday

On Friday Seeing the Forest is going to switch over to its new site. That site will be at

The blog you are reading now is located at, and I currently have a “redirect” set up for that sends everyone here. On Friday we leave Blogger and blogspot (and all the problems) behind for good. I will change the “name servers” for to point to the new blog. Many of you won’t have to do anything because you’ll just be sent to the new location automatically. But people who have bookmarks set to “” will continue to come to this site. I suspect that most blogs that link to Seeing the Forest are linking to that incorrect address. So if you find yourself wondering why Seeing the Forest is not being updated, it is because you are looking at the old blogspot site, missing out on all the fun.

I know that some of you fear change, and a few of you can be very excitable, so I have worked hard to make sure the new blog looks just like the current one. (Yes, I messed up a perfectly good template to do that. Over time I promise to make it look better. But I just had to get away from blogger before anything else!) And I know that many of you depend on Seeing the Forest for your very life essence. Yes, I recognize and respect and shoulder the tremendous responsibility that you have entrusted me with. With which you have entrusted me. So I will make sure that there are posts here on Thursday and posts there on Friday, and continuity of the flow will be assured. AND I will make sure that anyone who comes here to the blogger location will be able to get to the new location. On top of that I have made sure that all the links and archives at the new location are correct. So you can find old Seeing the Forest posts to read on slower days, and relive better times.