Blog Action on Social Security

A new site is going up tonite called is intended as a fact repository and an initiator of action on this issue. It will help you with letters to editors, FAQs, links to articles, and, of course, a blog. The site will be promoted through a press and media campaign, including radio ads (which you can hear on the site). Chris at MyDD adds, “The site will also feature, among other things, rapid response, fact-checking, Google-bombing, links to allied organizations, printable resources, fainthearted faction updates, and new ads when they are ready.”

From the site:

America promises that those who work hard and play by the rules deserve a secure retirement. For 70 years, Social Security has made sure we kept that promise. Social Security is in a healthier financial situation now than it has been for most of its history. Even the most pessemistic of economists agree it will remain solvent for decades. There is no crisis.

The Bush administration is using strategic lies to scare people into supporting a phase-out of Social Security. They are telling the public that there is a “crisis” and that Social Security is going “bankrupt.” This is a lie. This is a strategic lie designed to lead the public down a path toward accepting their phase-out plan.

But the truth is: There Is No Crisis. And the truth can be more powerful than lies, if the public can hear the truth.

Blogs reach opinion leaders. Their reach goes far beyond just their daily readership because blogs link to each other, and are read by the press and political leaders. When enough bloggers pick up a subject you soon see what they are writing reflected in the press. You can already see the press reacting to blogger complaints about their coverage of the “crisis.”

Bloggers – grab the blog ad below and put it on your site. Tell your readers about this new site, and ask them to tell others.

I’m asking my readers to send an e-mail to your list, asking people to visit

Update – More here.