Blatantly Exploiting A Tragedy

Over at Eschaton they have a series of “Bait and Switch” pieces talking about what the Bush people have been scamming on us. I left this comment (edited to make me look better):

As blatantly as anything you have ever seen in your life you are watching the results of politicizing what happened to the country on 9/11.

9/11 is the reason no one is paying much attention to all the things Bush is doing to the country. 9/11 is the reason they are getting away with it.

They are USING 9/11 to push through this far-right agenda. They keep the public terrified and eager for war, which leaves little room to pay attention to the complicated details of legislation. Then they push through all of this extreme far-right agenda on us, using the tactic of overwhelming us – by the time anyone can build up public support for something it’s too late, and they have moved on to 3 or 4 other attacks on us. And when we DO build up public support – like we did for the FCC rule changes – they just say, “fuck you” and go ahead with their agenda anyway.

Look how MUCH they have done to change the country since 9/11 and especially since they started their drumbeat for constant war. The tax cuts have effectively gotten rid of Social Security a few years from now. The FCC change effectively gets rid of the last bits of honest news. The hidden Medicare changes in the new “drug benefit” effectively get rid of Medicare soon after the new rules kick in. Etc. and on and on. (Gutting the Clean Air act. Gutting most other environmental laws and regulations. Gutting public education. Gutting Veterans’ benefits. Gutting the AmeriCorps program. Etc.)

This is the most blatant politicization of a tragedy that I have ever heard of. And BECAUSE they are so shamelessly politicizing a tragedy they are getting away with it. Everyone is too stunned to deal with it all.

One thing you can do is get everyone you know – write to your relatives, etc. – to start getting their news online, like from BuzzFlash. It’s important that more people start getting good information about what is going on – that is how we can fight this. The general public DOES NOT KNOW what is really going on, because they do not have sources of good information. Help people find good sources of information by letting them know where YOU get YOUR information.