Blatant Racism at Republican Blogs

Referring to this post at RedState, Matt Stoller points out the blatant racism that is accepted by Republicans as they try to turn Coretta Scott King’s funeral into a political opportunity. As John at Americablog put it,
Get ready for the white men of the Republican party to lecture black leaders about not knowing their place.
And the comments… The civil rights movement “was an extortion scam to enrich themselves” “Bush should take back New Orleans money and force these aholes to come begging for it.”

8 thoughts on “Blatant Racism at Republican Blogs

  1. in keeping with Bush thinking he’s the ‘Great White Father’ here to ‘protect’ us

  2. So let me get this straight – it’s the Republicans who are trying, “…to turn Coretta Scott King’s funeral into a political opportunity.”?
    You see no political overtones coming ftom the procession of Democrats who orated at Mrs. King’s funeral?
    Really? Aside from the two Presdients Bush, were there any other Republicans even there?
    And to you, these few bland sentences are evidence of “…blatant racism..”?
    So when Ted “Repulsive” Rall called Condi Rice a “house nigga”, that must have really burned you up, huh, what with your hypersensitivity to real or imagined slurs, right?
    Or do you have perhaps some ready-made excuse for the Filled-with-roiling-hatred-for-anything-GWB folks who toss such slurs around pretty regularly? Truth to power or some such nonsense?

  3. tomaig,
    “procession of democrats” we all know there were two big dems that are pissing people off (except for the Clenis, but he gets ya’ll every time), Carter and the Minister Lowry, neither of which were that mean to be totally honest. Both just said the truth. And why is this a republican democrat thing, this is a justice and truth issue.
    Was the funeral the right place to say it, we can disagree, but in honor of Mrs. King, I think most supporters of hers would say “yes”, as would her children who approved of the speakers. Mrs. King was political, her message spoke truth to those in power no matter if it was offensive or distateful.
    It’s the ladies funeral, we all should do as she has set aside, if that’s a parade of Democrats bashing Bush, sorry, it’s what she wanted.
    And Ted Rall calling Condi a house Nigga isn’t any better, imho Coretta would have been against that BS too.
    But don’t cry to me because baby bush got a smackdown at a King’s funeral, maybe that’s why he’s avoided the Naacp conferences for 5 years running.

  4. Of course the funeral was attended by mostly Democrats. How many white Republicans took part in the civil rights movement?

  5. As a political movement out of power, usually one would try to convince those on the fence who voted for the other gal last time to vote for your gal this time. Operative word there is convince.
    The other times I’ve posted comments on your site Dave, I’ve been summarily dismissed as a troll. Now thats a great start to trying to convince me that your positions are correct. Continued readings leads me to believe that your aim is not to entice others to become more sympathetic towards your POV, rather to encite your base.
    Regarding this issue, you could have acknowledged that there may have been a couple of objectionable/opportunistic comments made at Mrs. Kings 6 hour long funeral. Instead, you set the speed to hyperbolic and label other blogs racist for focusing upon those few comments.
    Good strategy.

  6. Oddly enough, ALL of the segregationists, klansman etc. of the old South were Democrats – there were few or no Republicans in the south until relatively recently. All of the racial unjustices in the old South were committed by Democrats – Republican simply weren’t there. Dems haven’t forgotton this, they just want you to forget it, or make sure you never know it. Just like Al Gore used to be a rabid abortion foe, when all he needed to do was to be a Senator from Tenneessee.

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