Blatant Lies

Turns out I get a lunch break this time. (Last time too many voters, no breaks.)

I’m watching Crossfire. It looks like the Republicans are afraid of Dr. Dean because they are using the smear machine on him. The Republican guy just said, “Howard Dean has said he is the candidate for white guys with confederate flags on their pickup trucks.”

This is a blatant lie. What Dean said was that poor Southern white guys driving pickup trucks with confederate flags should vote for him, too, because their kids don’t have health insurance either, and they didn’t get the tax cut either.

That is a very different statement, and it has a very different meaning — one that really scares Republicans, because it’s true. Dean is going to campaign in the South, and he’s going to point out that the Republican appeal to racism isn’t benefiting anyone, that the poor whites should look at what they are really getting out of voting Republican.

They have to lie, because Dean is going to tell the truth. What really gets me is that the Republican guy KNOWS what Dean really said, and is choosing to blatantly lie.

And later they have a “Democrat” guy on — clearly a Kerry or Leiberman supporter — who pretends to agree that this is what Dean said. This is why so many of us are Dean supporters. We are so tired of these corporate Demcorats who are willing to play this kind of Washington politics game, handing Republicans issues to use against them as well as against the rest of us.