Birkenstock Liberals

I’m reading this NY Times story about Dean. I come across this line:

But the presidential-style trip could increase the risk of Dr. Dean peaking too early

What the hell does that even mean? “Peaking too early?” Huh? Somehow more than 10,000 people coming out to see him just in Seattle is a bad thing? It shows that he is in touble?

And then there’s this:

The feisty crowds were filled with Birkenstock liberals…

Birkenstock liberals??!! What respectable newspaper would even print something like that? Did it get FAXed straight from the Republican National Committee? Birkenstock liberals?????!!!!!

I have already completely stopped watching MSNBC. I don’t even turn to that channel anymore. Ever. Of course I never watched FOX. I’m seriously considering taking the NY Times off of my daily reading list, except for Paul Krugman.

Birkenstock liberals?????!!!!!

Update – Oh, Holy Shit! Later in the article is says Dean supporters are “mostly aging flower children.”

mostly aging flower children!!