Bird Flu

Marginal Revolution points out that,

Your chance of dying from avian flu is much greater than your chance of dying from terrorism. Yet the Bush Administration is still doing virtually nothing.

Actualy, so far there is a 50% death rate in people who catch this from handling birds. If this virus mutates an ability to pass from human to human it is estimated that 50% of the planet will be infected within a year. You do the math.
The post links to the blog Avian Flu – What we need to know.
(Link from Daou Report.)

2 thoughts on “Bird Flu

  1. The hidden problem is that the drug companies don’t make enough money off vaccines to be willing to produce them That’s why production takes so long. There are now only 1 or 2 companies making them. This is the way the “free market” works, folks.

  2. Well, in Costa Rica they are having a problem that the quasi-socialist government is dragging it’s feet and several thousand tons of medical supplies and vaccines are rotting in dock warehouses. Some are still good (a little under half is beyond it’s expiration date) but the beauracracy is keeping it in limbo. This is the way socialism works, folks.

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