Bird Flu Mortality Rate Rises

Bird Flu Fatality Rate in Humans Climbs to 64% as Virus Spreads,

Bird flu has killed 64 percent of those people known to be infected with the virus this year, according to World Health Organization statistics, with the number of fatalities since Jan. 1 surpassing 2005 levels.
At least 47 of 73 people known to be infected with the H5N1 strain of avian influenza are reported to have died in the first five months of this year, the WHO said on its Web site yesterday. In 2005, 41 of 95 — or 43 percent — died.
… In Indonesia, where the rate of fatalities among H5N1 patients is 78 percent, officials are investigating a suspected 33rd death in the country.

Do YOU think the Bush government will be competent to handle things if/when bird flu starts spreading between humans? Or will they get all ideological and say that having a competent government in place to protect each other “makes people dependent?”
Your life depends on it.

4 thoughts on “Bird Flu Mortality Rate Rises

  1. We already pretty well know what their plans are, don’t we? Certainly not to do anything competent, like stock up in advance on enough of the necessary medications that could save lives. Instead, they’re planning to allow drug companies to grow the virus in cell cultures to make vaccines, a new and untested method of making flu vaccine, which they will then sell to the public for an exorbitant price — with no risk of being sued for any harm their essentially untested vaccine causes because the legislation has already been passed protecting them from liability, hasn’t it? Plus, they will use various kinds of scare tactics to make the public as fearful as possible, like quarantines of entire areas. It’s already been suggested that we should stock up on a month’s food supplies, just in case. Plus we’re supposed to wash our hands a lot.
    It’s been very well known in public health circles how to control epidemics successfully for nearly 100 years, because they had to figure out how to do this when there were no vaccines and no medications. We don’t know whether avian flu will easily spread from person to person if it finally does develop the capacity to spread between humans at all. We don’t know if, should it develop the capacity to spread from human to human, it will be as lethal a disease as it is when spread directly from birds to humans. We won’t know until this happens, assuming it ever does. Because the Bush administration handles everything as a means to make their friends rich, and as a political issue, let’s hope it doesn’t happen while they’re still in office.

  2. That’s the most succinctly accurate comment I’ve seen anywhere in a long time.

  3. “Stock up in advance” and “It’s been very well known in public health circles how to control epidemics successfully for nearly 100 years”
    Those are both ignorant statements from somebody whose political animosity has blinded them to rational thought. Evidently the person making those statements has not actually read anything on pandemics.
    Last year H5N1 killed about 50% of those who contacted it. So far this year it has killed 64%. Nobody has EVER seen an influenza virus that kills anywhere near as bad as H5N1 (The 1918 Spanish Flu had a 2.5% mortality rate) let alone one that gets more lethal as it mutates.
    There is NOTHING anybody can do to stop or control H5N1. Republican, Democrat, even Communists. Most everything is CYA window dressing. The only thing actually being stocked is face masks, body bags, and Tamiflu. Did you know Tamiflu really only works if you take it 6 weeks PRIOR TO BEING INFECTED? It does little after being infected. And data from the Far East from doctors who have actually used it on H5N1 say it is useless. Now they say it MIGHT help if you take twice as much for a longer period. IF Tamiflu helps in the recovery process (IT DOES NOT CURE AN H5N1 INFECTION!), there won’t be enough of it for any where near all the people who will catch pandemic H5N1 (Typically 28% of the population catches the flu – do the math).
    Don’t worry about expensive vaccines and coercion programs. A vaccine can not be developed for pandemic H5N1 until AFTER the pandemic mutation appears. Then it will take around 6 months to get the vaccine in production. By then….
    Sure when it goes through its last few mutations to become pandemic its lethality MIGHT drop. But if it doesn’t? That is why the Govt and health agencies around the word are scared s***less of H5N1. It has the potential to cause a disaster of Biblical proportions.
    Dr Webster, aka “the Father of Influenza” from St Jude’s Hospital says you had better stock up for 3 months.
    The only rational statement the writer made was “Plus we’re supposed to wash our hands a lot.” That is true. But you also better not be around anyone carrying pandemic H5N1.
    The writer’s solution is to “hope it doesn’t happen while they’re still in office”? The writer does not comprehend – there is little anybody can do and all most all the experts say it is only a matter of time. Forget the “hoping” and start praying it doesn’t happen.
    If you think I am blowing smoke, I spent hundreds of hours researching Bird Flu. Read my report at:
    while it is stil a work in proces, there are a few tips in it that just might save your life if the worst happens.

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