Billmon says it right

“Anyway, the idea of being an ally of the New York Times — in any capacity — practically makes me retch.” — Billmon.
For ten years the Times has been trying to appease its quasi-fascist enemies. They’ve published many bad, inaccurate, dishonest stories, and they’ve minimized or fudged a lot of good, important stories. And I hate them for that.
But look how much good it’s done them. The fascists are now talking about sending Keller to the gas chamber.
No, it won’t really happen, but they’re serious when they talk about treason. As soon as Rove dodged his own indictment for leaking classified information, the dogs were let out.
So now I have to stick up for the Times. Shit.

2 thoughts on “Billmon says it right

  1. No, you don’t have to stick up for the Times; you have to stick up for the U.S. Constitution, and its First Amendment.

  2. I remember back about 30 years ago, I used to point out that the N.Y. Times was full of yucky stuff. People would look at me as if I was going on about the earth being hollow. Well the N.Y. Times hasn’t changed, but people are now aware that they can’t take any part of the corporate media apparatus at face value. George and his White House Pirates have pushed complacent minds to this point. Amazing.

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