Billings (Montana) Gazette – Columbus swift boat vet angry about letter

[The article quotes a second swift boat vet, Bob Wedge, to the effect that he had not granted permission to add his name to the list.


“Anderson said he first learned about the situation last week when he received an e-mail from a third party. The e-mail, from a Tom Pyle, said Pyle had contacted a dozen men whose names showed up on the list. Of the dozen, three said they had not given permission, Anderson said.”

Article “suspects the list was pulled from the Swift Boat Sailors Association, a nonpolitical, not-for-profit organization linking swift boat veterans.”

In other words, the Swift Boat Veterans Against Kerry appear to be scum sucking liars.


Columbus swift boat vet angry about letter


Of The Gazette Staff

COLUMBUS – Swift boat veteran Bob Anderson of Columbus is ticked.

It bothers him that Sen. John Kerry’s swift boat history has become such a political hot potato. But he’s even more irritated that his name was included – without his permission – on a letter used to discredit Kerry.

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Thomas Leavitt