Big Government

“Big government” is a great sounding phrase, but does it actually mean anything? I’ve always loved to taunt right-wingers with totally unfair questions like “What does ‘big government’ mean?”, and “WHAT programs would you cut to make government smaller, and how much money does it save, and does it make a difference in balancing the budget?” (See if you can ever find a right-winger who can answer that one. “Waste, fraud and abuse” isn’t an answer.)

They will never, ever, ever, ever say that they oppose Social Security or Medicare – at least not if they’re running for any kind of public office so long as we remain some imitation of a democracy that sometimes lets the people’s will decide what happens. The only “big government” left is military and interest on the debt, both of which funnel huge amounts of our money into rich people’s pockets.

Of course, that leaves tax increases on the rich as the only way to balance the budget, so “big government” will stay in their vocabulary until enough of us speak up.