Big DUH!!!

Through Atrios, mediabistro: TVNewser,

Carlson suggested the creation of a cable channel that caters to liberals. But “going after a lefty audience would be futile, Wright said. ‘For some strange, probably genetic, reasons’ — we’re pretty sure that was a joke — ‘they don’t listen to a lot of radio and they don’t watch a lot of television.'”

Atrios wrote, “Uh, maybe we don’t watch a lot of TV news because it’s all conservative?”
To which I say Big DUH!!!! Liberals don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage or Sean Hannity or watch FOX or (most of) MSNBC or any of the other right-wing slime that is the media these days. DUH!!!

4 thoughts on “Big DUH!!!

  1. So, I guess that means it’s all those conservative viewers who are responsible for keeping all those “steamy” shows (the ones that the Kaiser Family Foundation reported on last week) on television after all. So much for supporting those conservative family values we hear so much about.

  2. I watch FOX News for comic relief, O’Reilly is almost as funny as Jon Stewart! I know he’s not trying to be…

  3. There are two TV channels that have progressive news reporting. These are the ones I usually watch and can count on to give me the REAL news. Channel 9415, Free Speech TV, (FSTV), and 9410, LINK TV. Unfortunately they are only available through the DISH system. One of the programs, Democracy Now, which is shown three times a day, five days a week on FSTV, can also be seen through DIRECT TV on a daily basis. Democracy Now has a website that shows the daily programs. INN World Report also has a website. The remaining news programs, as well as the discussions, debates and documentaries such as “Shocking and Awful”, Blacked Out News Media”, “Mosaic” (which is news from the middle east), “Liberty News” “Journal”, and other programs shown on these two channels are not available elsewhere as far as I know.

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