Big Dan’s vote is still up for grabs

Since I put in a guest post a few days back, the expected horsemen (Death, famine, the whole gang) have thus far failed to materialize. Neither has it snowed in Hell. Monkeys have not flown out of any butts that I am aware of. Relatively few pigs have flown (well, under their own power).

Those were the expected results Dave and I figured would come of letting me post here as a guest. Since fate is obviously game for being tempted, we thought I’d have another run at it.

Here goes:

Last time around, I voted for George W. Bush. It didn’t take me long to become disillusioned with the man.

I am a conservative politically (pro-national defense, prayer in school should not be mandated but should be allowed, etc), and a liberal religiously (pro-social activism, not against homosexuals, let’s feed the poor, etc). When the two conflict, I generally fall on the side of the liberal religionist, to coin a phrase.

Bush doesn’t stand for the ideals of what it means to me to be a Christian. Furthermore, his base conservative political views are close, but his “any means necessary” approach is disturbing.

The point? I won’t be voting for Bush this time around.

However, Bush’s failings are only enough to get me not to vote for him. They aren’t enough to cause me to vote for Kerry.

So far, I still don’t know what Kerry stands for. Sure there are the typical Democrat positions (pro-choice, pro-environment, etc), but any Democrat in a nice suit can run on the basic Left platform. I want to know WHO KERRY IS – What does he stand for?

He says we’re gonna put people back to work and reform education and whatnot, but even on his home site I don’t see a real plan to make that happen. I don’t, in short, know what his THING is.

He concentrated on his war record at the DNC. His “thing” seemed to be that he was a war hero.

I don’t really feel any compulsion to vote for war heroes on either side of the fence, though. I don’t care about how brave he was three and a half decades ago and, anyway, I really hate war. I want to know who he is today.

So here’s your chance to do more than just praise Kerry because he isn’t Bush. Tell me why you are voting FOR Kerry, not AGAINST Bush.

Of course, if you are only voting for him because you’d vote for anyone who wasn’t Bush, I guess you have to say that, too… it just doesn’t help me with my choice. As of today, I’m leaning toward not voting for president at all.


Respectfully Submitted,

Big Dan