Big Companies Are Public Resources

Deep Thought: When companies reach a certain size, they are public resources. They are large because they do something that is important to many of us. They have a great impact on all of our lives. We all depend on their success and are hurt by their failure.
They are public resources. Do we usually leave public resources in the hands of a few people?
Think of startup companies as auditioning for a job. The ones who reach a certain size are then rewarded by getting the “contract” to, say, develop oil resources or make cars…
Update – You say this sounds radical? I never proposed that the government borrow $700 billion dollars and hand it over to giant companies. It was the “private property free market conservatives” who did that.

1 thought on “Big Companies Are Public Resources

  1. Yes quite a bit radical and you will continue to drive companies out of CA. Plus an attempt to seize private property will flunk constitutional tests.
    Before you seize the means of production (novel idea), you need to control your State government and personal wants. The statehouse and the people of CA have approved over $500 billion in bond initiatives, for your teenagers to pay back.
    That 1/2 trillion in debt is ~ $13,700 per person or 27,400 per household. Now each household must pay $1,370 per year just to service the debt. That is real money to people that make less than you. People can feel that impact. It is a partial, not sufficient, explanation for the out-migration from CA at a rate of 2 to 1. Less of the folks to pay the 5% due on 1/2 Trillion or $25 billion in interest.
    My friend it is game over. You are scrambling to pay for the basics of fire and potable water.

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