Biden to Peace Movement , "F%&K You!"

A Green Party friend of mine sent this to me today, just to tweak me. (I tweak my Green friends, they tweak me. But I’m right and they’re wrong, and they ARE responsible for Bush being in office and all the damage he is doing, because they broke the coalition, busted the solidarity.)

ANYway, does anyone reading this weblog know Senator Biden? If so, please show him what the Greens are circulating via e-mail, and ask him to please shut up! We’d like there to be a FEW people still voting Democrat in the next election, please. Here’s the message from my Green friend:

Hmm… you know, the Greens are more than willing to serve as the port in a storm for the anti-war folks. I think we’d be very happy to accommodate the millions of people Senator Biden is saying “fuck you” to.

—– Original Message —–

From: XXX – Greens

To: XXX – circulating around the internet

Sent: repeatedly


> This came my way this afternoon.




> PETER JENNINGS, ABC – A large number of people in the country are

> opposed to this [war] … but look to members of the Democratic Party,

> particularly, to be sort of their port in a storm, their place to

> manifest their dissatisfaction.


> SENATOR JOSEPH BIDEN – They’ve got the wrong port. . . The decision’s

> been made.

Why THANKS, Joe! F%&k you, too!