Beyond Clueless: Michael Brown’s Dinner Arrangements A High Priority During Unfolding Katrina Disaster

Lauren Weinstein has just posted a link to some of the emails circulating within FEMA during the Katrina crisis, apparently there are a number of stunners there, including an email from Sharon Worthy, Brown’s press secretary, on the topic of ensuring that enough time was arranged for Michael Brown to have a nice leisurely dinner at a Baton Rouge area restaurant – a priority less than appreciated by other FEMA workers busy eating MREs, crapping in the hallways of the Superdome, and attempting to sleep on concrete floors. Not to mention trying to help people dying in the streets.
Bush style “crisis” leadership. I thank the deity every day that our worst “enemy” is a rag tag band of terrorists hiding out in the mountains of Pakistan, who feel more threatened by the Pakistani Army than the entire might of our “Global War On Terrorism” (c.f. the recent letter from Ayman al-Zawahri to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi).

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  1. No one with any sense could believe 9/11 (which has been used by the Cheney administration as the excuse for EVERYTHING) was NOT an inside job.
    The al Zwahari letter is an OBVIOUS forgery, as he is a Sunni and the greeting in the letter is definitely Shia. If the people running our foreign policy took the time to learn ANYTHING about the people they are trying to colonize, they would know the difference between Sunni and Shia…but these rubes probably never even held a passport until they got their present jobs in the State department/administration. Also the letter’s author refers to seeing al Zwahari (himself!)
    FEMA’s non-respose to the disaster in NOLA was OBVIOUSLY DELIBERATE and contrived to interfere with every single rescue effort made.
    The mass marketing and advertising media were encouraged to make up stories and/or report mere unfounded gossip to make it sould like the city had been overrun with WILD NIGGAHS! when in fact, these were people trying desperately to survive.
    The delegation to ARMED MERCENARIES of the responsibility to DISARM and FORCIBLY REMOVE AT GUNPOINT American citizens whose only offense was to be victimised by a neocon plot to gentrify the Gulf region and to perform a little ethnic cleansing should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about where this country is headed.
    novus ordo seculorum
    Amerikka uber alles.
    That’s what you get when you elect NAZI SYMPATHIZERS TO OFFICE.
    You can’t gentrify NOLA

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