Best I’ve Ever Seen

Last year the “energy crisis” hit California. Big coincidence, the country had just “elected” two corrupt oil-industry men to “lead” the country and suddenly energy prices shot through the roof. (Remember the gas crisis in the Chicago area that ended immediately as soon as the Senate announced they would investigate?)

In California we had “rolling blackouts” and a huge surge in electricity, natural gas and gasoline prices. The Bush FERC, of course, refused to intervene. The Governor had to start purchasing energy on the spot market to try to stop the blackouts.

Then nasty TV ads started appearing, blaming Governor Davis. Davis had been a sort-of invisible Governor until then. No one really knew what to think of him. He was “undefined.”

Those ads stuck, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. They completely defined Davis, his poll numbers fell through the floor, even good Democrats I knew were blaming Davis for “bungling the energy crisis.” He has not recovered from those ads. Those ads were the best I’ve ever seen. They took that guy and defined him and the public STILL blames him for the energy crisis. When you ask people why they don’t like Davis, they’ll tell you it is because he bungled the energy crisis, they’re not sure about the details. It was later that other ads tagged him with accepting too many campaign contributions. (Imagine, a Democrat being tagged with that, in the Bush era! Shows the power of propaganda, doesn’t it?)

Turns out that Enron was paying for those ads, while Enron and a few other energy companies were manipulating the energy supply and raking in a huge bundle. (How much of that cash was funneled to The Party?) And now that is part of the public record. Doesn’t matter, though. The public blames Davis.