Best Anti-Bush Ad

Bush In 41.2 Seconds. Warning, this is a SATIRE of the MoveOn ads! In fact, it captures what I thought was wrong with many of the submissions. Some of the submissions were very good, but many were just angry blasts at Bush, guaranteed to turn off most Americans. Several of the finalists fall into this category.

To reach people, it’s better to show images they will identify with at an emotional level, and people who are like them, expressing views that the viewer might express. You can use a negative message to undermine support, but it’s better to plant a question than to blast anger. Don’t just say “Bush lies.” Say something that the viewer can relate to. Remember, the viewers are starting from an attitude of liking Bush and believing his message. So you are insulting them if you are just saying Bush is wrong, or Bush is lying. That’s calling the viewer a fool.

In my opinion, the MoveOn finalists that are most effective are “Child’s Pay,” “What are we teaching our children?,” “Imagine” (borderline), and “Human Cost of War” (for other reasons – it has an emotional impact). Unfortunately there were some excellent submissions that didn’t make it to the finals. One of the best that I remember was women talking to each other over coffee.