Berger – Missing the Point!

Missing the point on the Berger thing… I’m reading Alterman, and Talking Points, and Kevin, and Slate, and everyone else, and it’s like they’re blind. They’re all caught up in what Berger did or didn’t do and how bad was it and why aren’t the Republicans investigating Plame, etc…

Just not getting it at all. Just missing the point. Just seeing the trees and missing the forest.

Here is what is going on. The Republican Noise Machine is saying this proves Clinton is to blame for 9/11. Got that? Just as the 9/11 Comission releases its report, they are saying that the proof of Clinton’s guilt was there, and Berger took and shredded that proof. Let that sink in a while. This theme is ALL OVER THE MEDIA – at least the media that matters to the voters they want to reach. Never mind that he only took copies of drafts of the documents, and they still have the originals — that small fact is slipping WAY under the radar, and no one on “our side” even seems to understand that is the central issue.

Here’s a sample headline: Clinton Spook Sandy Berger is Caught Destroying Terror Evidence.

“Berger stuffed highest-classified documents, including leather-bound after-action reports on Millennium attacks, into his clothing to get them out of the National Archives before they were reviewed by the 9/11 Commission. … After-action documents showing the Clinton “response” to al-Queda terror plans still are missing. … Stolen documents were all the originals of after-action drafts, and Berger was caught in a sting, when given another copy, by stealing it too.”

Never mind that this is just a lie. That doesn’t matter.

Here’s an example of a small-town newspaper editorial, One Sandy Berger and a side of lies:

“The central question now is, what was he trying to hide?

We know that some of the discarded documents had to do with the foiled Millennium bombing plot and what the administration did with the gathered intelligence afterward. Attorney General John Ashcroft testified in April about the documents we now know Berger was trying to hide. “The NSC’s Millennium After-Action Review declares that the United States barely missed major terrorist attacks in 1999 – with luck playing a major role,- Ashcroft told the Commission.”

Even Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert said this,

“Was Mr. Berger trying to cover-up key facts regarding intelligence failures during his watch? What happened to those missing documents?”

and this,

“What could those documents have said that drove Mr. Berger to remove them without authorization from a secure reading room for classified documents? What information could be so embarrassing that a man with decades of experience in handling classified documents would risk being caught pilfering our nation’s most sensitive secrets?”

Which coincidentally exactly parallels what Limbaugh is saying.

I checked Instapundit (for the first time in at least a year) and got so disgusted I just left without gathering any quotes to link to. I never, ever read Andew Sullivan, so you’re on your own as to what he is saying. (And this is the first time I have ever used his name on this blog.)

AND they are now working to EXPAND the story. This is the tactic of overwhelming. By the time anyone can refute the lies put out at 8am, the lies put out at 9am and 10am are what is being talked about. Here are a couple of examples: Did Sandy Berger “Fry” Flight 800 Records?,

So, what does this link between Bill Clinton and Flight 800 have to do with the current John Kerry presidential campaign? Well, perhaps nothing, except that John Kerry also referred to Flight 800 as a terrorist incident in a televised interview. The problem is that, with the upcoming release of the final report of the ‘9-11’ Commission, the general public will have the opportunity to refresh their memory about the link between Flight 800 and terrorism.

and Sandy Berger’s Curious Military Records,

“I think it’s ironic that Kerry, who takes every opportunity to tout his military record, picks as his [informal] adviser on national security and reportedly short-lists as a potential secretary of state a man with the military service record of Sandy Berger,” B.G. Burkett, co-author of “Stolen Valor — How the Vietnam Generation Was Robbed of Its Heroes and Its History,” tells NewsMax.

Once again, just so you get it, they are saying that this proves that Clinton is responsible for 9/11, that it is a big cover-up, and that this proves Kerry is somehow implicated in trying to hand the country over to our enemies.

This has been planned for MONTHS, from the day the 9/11 Commission was formed. It took TIME to research and put together that story about Berger’s military records. Limbaugh surely didn’t put that complicated 3-part smear together himself. And – and this is important – all these talking points and military record research, etc. were obviously prepared before the story leaked this week.