Behind The Republican Anti-Social Security Operation

Over at There Is No Crisis they have just released some research into USA Next, the front group for Social Security privatization. Go take a look at Social Security – Is the privatization scheme just a junk mail operation? The first installment of the research is a 158.63 KB PDF file.

From the blog post introducing the research,

It appears that USA Next, the front group for Social Security privatization, was really just a junk mail and spam operation in disguise to benefit Richard Viguerie in the 1990s. It appears that it was, before becoming a corporate shell for pharmaceutical industry money.

So go have a read.

I did some digging and found a few things to add:

The report says that Texans for Lawsuit Reform, an industry front-group working for “tort reform,” is a funder of USA Next. Well, here’s a name you’ll recognize: Enron’s Ken Lay helped start and fund Texans for Lawsuit Reform! See the following, which is footnote 47 from my report The Attack on Trial Lawyers and Tort Law:

[47] Ken Lay helping start first tort reform organization in Texas:

Doroshow, Joanne. “‘Tort Reform,’ Bush and the Enron Connection.” Center for Justice and Democracy. January 26, 2002. Viewed September 27, 2003

“Bush, Lay Shielded Errant TX Businesses From Lawsuits.” Texans for Public Justice. February 12, 2002. Viewed September 27, 2003

Otto Scott, listed in the report as a former USA Next Boardmember is an interesting name. From Who Is Otto Scott:

The more complex answer is that Otto Scott is one of a great many Americans who are well-known to a special audience, but unknown to the nation at large.

Well, Scott is a member of the secretive Council for National Policy. CNP is an organization that keeps turning up… You can look for info on CNP (and please follow one or two of these links) here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

I also found this about W. H. Regnery, former Boardmember:

W.H. Regnery Sr., patriarch of the nation’s premier conservative pubishing house, was one of the principal financiers of the America First movement which advocated an isolationist policy prior to WWII and part of a group that founded the National Review in 1944.

I encourage all of you, especially bloggers, to help out by digging into this yourselves. Post your research at your blog, or in a comment at the There Is No Crisis post, or send your research (or links to your blog posts) to Bob Brigham