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Cross-posted from MyDD, Cindy’s Louisiana Lawyers Head West! by goplies. There wasn’t a peep about Cindy in the L.A. Times this morning. Here’s what’s going on:

Well, we will be heading out tomorrow afternoon on the twelve hour drive to Crawford, Texas to support our friend and client, Cindy Sheehan, and the other American patriots at Camp Casey. Jim Herrington of the Texas Civil Rights Project has assumed the role of lead counsel. We hope to help him if needed and to try to stay the hell out of his way if we’re not.
We’ve been very busy…loading camping equipment into the car, burning CDs for the drive, cooking food to take to the troops, packing in bottled water, tarps, folding chairs, peace flags, protest banners, 911 signs, video cameras, computers, digital cameras, office supplies, cell phones, cat food, Support Cindy Sheehan buttons, PEACE TRAIN t-shirts, more water, pocket copies of the US Constitution (to give to the police), back packs, ice chests, sleeping bags, umbrellas, lawyer clothes, extra eye glasses, LAN bumper stickers, PEACE TRAIN flyers, more water, sun screen, bug juice, flashlights, candles, and some more water.
We are traveling with Andrea Garland of Get Your Act On! and Ward Reilly of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Riding shotgun will be our seven year old daughter and her new kitten, “Smudge”. Please join us in Crawford if you can.
If you can’t, keep the pressure on the media and organize solidarity events in your home town.
Peace soon,
Annie & Buddy Spell

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