Bad Polls : Poll: Advantage Bush as Election Nears.

Kerry’s approval has gone negative, people see Bush as a strong, decisive leader, etc.

I attribute this entirely to Kerry’s stance on Iraq, which even I don’t get, especially his August 9 statement which I blogged about, and, of course, the effect of The Smear. This does NOT mean I don’t support Kerry. I think he would make a good president, and that it is important that we all do everything we can ot get every single person to the polls that we cn get there.

What it means is that the Republican vote suppression machine is in full swing. Enough negative attacks and even YOU will be thinking of not voting — that’s the POINT of it. They are simply very good at smearing and at turning voters off, because they have invested so much money studying how to attain and keep power by manipulating and tricking people.