13 thoughts on “Bad in IE?

  1. The center section has very large type, and the page is too wide for my screen, but otherwise it looks fine in IE.

  2. I can see some odd behaviour with IE 6.0
    Hard to describe… the links after each post are somehow being over-written and only become visible with a drag-select or if you hover over where they ought to be appearing.

  3. Using firefox, it looks fine. but using IE I have the same problem that DavidByron has. Doesn’t show up unless I hover or highlight the text. Could be with the way I have my windows set up, but this is unusual with other sites. One post was missing, but when i went back, two posts were missing. In firefox, it’s okay. Hope this helps.

  4. Using explorer on the Mac, it looks OK. The only difference is that the blue line for comments, etc. is about 4 times the size it is in Safari or Firefox.

  5. I hope everything’s OK. I’m using Safari, so how it looks in Safari has become my standard. In Explorer, it looks the same except for the Comment line, which is about 4 times larger.
    However, when I tried to post a comment about this a couple of minutes ago it didn’t get posted. Now we’ll see if this does.

  6. Weird. My first comment is now there, too. It wasn’t there when I posted comment #2.

  7. Looks OK here in IE6 and Maxthon (a tabbed browser based on IE code). However, you need to fix your RSS feed. The tagline at the end of every entry points to Mywebsite.com, which is the generic text. It should read seeingtheforest.com.

  8. I use the Opera browser, and aside from it being too wide for my screen, everything looks fine.
    That’s all I got, sorry; I should’ve brought a cake or pie…

  9. I’m using IE, and it seems more or less okay, but the time stamp at the bottom of the top post is cut in half so that only the top 1/2 of the digits and letters appear. Also, the type in the middle column seems really, big…but…I have friends who think the type on my site is too small. So it’s all [a bit] subjective!

  10. Maybe I wrote too hastily before trying some Refreshes and things. Actually, it’s only the time stamp that seems really big. Everything else is fine!

  11. Oops, I see the problem now. It’s on the main index page. The text under each post is invisible until selected. Take out the Font Color=444444 tag on your index template.

  12. I usually use Safari, and it looks really good.
    However, I checked it out on IE, and it’s a little odd — the font sizes are of on the front pagef, with the links to comments, etc. being kind of huge, while links on either side of the page (blogroll, articles, etc) are tiny.

  13. Ewww! I need more coffee!!!!
    I mean, the font sizes are off on the front page — the text of articles is fine, while links to comments, etc. are huge.

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