Back From Working At The Polls

Being a poll worker is a long and rewarding day. I had to be at my precinct – a half-hour drive – at 6am. Set up the polling place and the machines, do the paperwork, and open the polls at 7am.
Close the polls at 8pm. Then take down everything, reconcile the ballot count — unvoted ballots from the morning, provisionals, spoiled ballots, machine count, etc…
The vote has gone overwhelmingly against the propositions. The comments from voters that I overheard were always about how the legislature wasn’t doing its job and they resented it. i didn’t hear a single comment about taxes.
This was not a vote against taxes. It was a vote against legislative dysfunction, secrecy, and structural ungovernability.

1 thought on “Back From Working At The Polls

  1. I just worked a special election a couple of weeks ago. I was Precinct Chairman for the first time. We had a local option sales tax election. It was voted down by a total citywide margin of 6 votes. My precinct alone voted against the tax by a margin of 20 votes. I felt like my efforts swung the election. Of course that’s not true, it was the voters I worked for that swung the election.
    Anyway, I just wrote this to thank you again, it was your blogging about working elections that inspired me to try it out.

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