3 thoughts on “Avian Flu – Look Who Bush Has In Charge

  1. Good god! If there’s anything that should not be in the hands of idiots, it’s a possible pandemic! Unless it, too, has been gutted, and who knows at this point whether it has been or not, this should be the responsibility of the CDC. On a world-wide basis, the WHO (World Health Organization) of the UN should be in charge, with whatever resources it needs, both money and staff, to do the job properly.
    But Bush knows everything about everything, and what he doesn’t know God whispers in his ear, so he’ll put whomever he wants in charge and do whatever he wants. That’s why he’s sounding off about developing a vaccine, even though it’s impossible until the virus mutates. The latest bit of wisdom from this bunch I’ve heard is that we should all run out and get our flu shots, so the pharmaceutical industry will feel it’s worthwhile to develop vaccines! I’m planning to get mine, but that’s hardly what’s inspiring me. If there’s ANYTHING that should not be subject to politics, it’s public health and safety. Once this fiasco of an administration is over, we need to pass some laws!

  2. Good God Dave, I hope that you are a sick demented pervert who doesn’t have anything better to do than create elaborately detailed bogus news stories on top of news stories to gaslightthose of us who actually care about the state of our lives and our neighbors.
    Must not get hopes up anymore, granny.

  3. Bush is “monitoring” the situation. Sort of like he “monitored” the 9/11 attacks as they occurred, and sort of like he “monitored” hurricane Katrina. I’m sure he’s keeping a steely eye on the bird flu. Let’s just trust him on this one, shall we?

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