Autoworkers Forced To Take Cuts – Wall Street Bankers Get Bonuses

Actually the headline sort of says it all. When GM needed a loan the autoworkers in the factories were forced to take pay cuts. But when the “too big to fail” Wall Street firms got bailouts many times the size of what GM needed, they continue to pay dividends, they continue to pay huge bonuses, and they send out taxpayer dollars to pay off banks in other countries. And they continue to spend millions on lobbying.
Our democracy truly is broken. We, the People have no say and receive few benefits from our economy.

1 thought on “Autoworkers Forced To Take Cuts – Wall Street Bankers Get Bonuses

  1. Wow, you just never stop lying in your spinning for Soros and you Democrat Party Machine masters. Current employees’ pay will not be cut; future employees pay will.
    That is not employees “forced to take pay cuts”
    Read it here:
    If congress wants to stipulate that AIG’s future employees will not receive these sweetheart deals then that is there prerogative. But what Obama and the Congressional Dems are suggesting (to clean up the mess they created) is unconstitutional (see “Bill of attainder”)
    Next time don’t elect an incompetent, corrupt chimp to run the country.

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