3 thoughts on “Authoritarianism

  1. Dave,
    What a hoot! The dude finds about 100 anti-social tendencies in right-wingers, really, so many that it seems impossible that anyone so afflicted could function in society.
    And then when they study left-wingers, they can’t identify even one anti-social tendency.
    This stuff is priceless. I think liberals should believe every word of this. Believe Zogby’s latest poll showing the troops want to leave Iraq, believe the latest CBS poll showing Bush’s approval rating down to 36%, believe in global warming and believe higher taxes are good.
    Great plan. Wonderful strategy. Congratulations on your electoral victories that are sure to follow your realistic appraisal of yourselves and the world around you.
    It’s just a miracle Republicans somehow got control of all three branches of government, and are busy appointing Supreme Court Justices. I’m sure it’s just a statistical anomoly. A mere blip on the radar screen. Can’t possibly last much longer. Congratulations again.

  2. Good point. I was a little carried away by the audacity of the article. I’ll apply a little self editing in the future.

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