Attempt To “Get” Cheney

Someone on CNN just said all this is just an attempt to “get” Dick Cheney, that all the liberals can be expected to make this a big deal and mock him.
Someone else was talking about how Cheney is such a good hunter, that he’s seen him actually raise his gun when a car drives by in the line of fire, even a dog!
And another was on saying that the idiot that got shot had walked behind Cheney without announcing himself. Maybe I should have named the post “Assclown With Gun – Beware!”

1 thought on “Attempt To “Get” Cheney

  1. “And another was on saying that the idiot that got shot had walked behind Cheney without announcing himself.”
    If the victim was BEHIND Cheney, how in the world did Cheney manage to shoot him? Eyes in the back of his head saw quail back there so he swung around and fired? If the problem was a defective gun, wouldn’t Cheney have been sprayed with shot too?
    The local police weren’t allowed to interview Cheney. He didn’t have the required local hunting license. The entire Bush administration is immune from the law?
    Now, this may well have been “just” a hunting accident. Hunting accidents happen all the time. Cheney has gone on hunting trips in the past without shooting anyone. Hunting is part of the super macho image this administration feels it has to uphold. But Cheney seems to feel he’s inches away from death, or he wouldn’t be traveling with an entire medical support crew. Maybe his not in good enough condition for it to be safe for him to be out hunting? For the sake of his own safety and that of those around him? What totally puzzles me isn’t that it’s such a big deal for Cheney to have a hunting accident, but why the administration turned this into such a big deal by being so secretive about it. So what are they really hiding?
    Is this a sinister plot intended to get those icky “liberals” going after Cheney? Or an excuse to say that’s what they’re doing? Strange. I haven’t heard any “liberals” mocking Cheney, just a lot of puzzled people who are wondering why the administration’s response has been so, well, weird.

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