Athiests Can Marry!

Trust me, I’m an atheist,

We’re unorganized and don’t wear our beliefs on our sleeves. We’re not pushing for changes to marriage institutions. (We can already marry your daughters, even if you don’t want us to. Nyaah, nyaah.) Radical sects of us don’t go blowing things up. Other than having a suspicious amount of free time on Sundays, we fit right in.

It’s not right that they (we) can marry. The government has to do something about that.

2 thoughts on “Athiests Can Marry!

  1. Your obsession with having an answer to every conceivable problem is just the religious impulse springing up without your awareness.
    You seem to be an expert on everything.
    How is it that you arrived at this universal expertise in human salvation?
    You’ve turned to airhead leftist politics for salvation, but you are as evangelistic as any Christian I’ve ever met.
    You might be better off accepting the body of spiritual wisdom humans have created over the past 2000 years.
    It beats the airhead politics you’ve swallowed. Reminds me of elevator music.

  2. Don’t believe everything polls come up with. Who in the world did they call? Seems to me that the VAST majority of Americans are far beyond even caring about even calling themselves atheists. This country is really so secular most people don’t even think about what their “beliefs” might be if they had them. About the only time they think about this is when they have to bury someone and wonder whether to have a church service.

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