At Hardblogger

David Shuster at Hardblogger:

“To win a presidential election, strategists of every stripe will tell you that your campaign must show audacity, fearlessness, and chutzpah. And it’s why the Republican party and the Bush campaign has been crushing the democrats and John Kerry.

Take the CBS/Bush national guard documents– Republicans are hammering the anti-Bush story and those responsible for it. The GOP is even demanding a Congressional investigation. Quote, (from a Republican letter on capitol hill): ‘We urge CBS to retract its story, and to disclose the identities of the people who have used your network to deceive your viewers.’ A congressional investigation may be warranted. But keep in mind this is the same group of lawmakers who tried to BLOCK investigations into the false testimony, forged documents, and outright lies used by the CIA and Pentagon to make the case for war with Iraq. Audacity? You bet. Aggressive and smart politics? Indeed.”

Aggressive and smart politics? Or do they just lie, and cheat, and steal. (Warning, long file, probably should have broadband for it… and how come you don’t?)

Also, Dee Dee Myers says, about the Swift Boat smear,

Yes, it’s Monday Morning Quarterbacking. But after more than 30 years in this game, Kerry and Co. should have seen it coming.