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The Mahablog : Points to Ponder on what it means if we let Bush abandon the 4th Amendment.

Soy Blue reminds us
of stories that the NSA was monitoring phone calls of Colin Powell and Bill Richardson at the request of Bolton,

In a case of art imitating life imitating art Gov. Bill Richardson and then Secretary of state Colin Powell had their call monitored by [John] Bolton (Bolton, as undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, was one of the architects of a hard-line approach toward negotiating with North Korea over dismantling its nuclear weapons program.)

Go read the rest over at Soy Blue.
Open Letter to Chris Matthews says to Ask Toyota, Verizon and TurboTax how they feel about “fag jokes”

This is all evidence of Chris Matthews’ and MSNBC’s lurch to the right. It is inconceivable why Toyota, Verizon and TurboTax would want to continue associating their brand with a man and a network who tell a “fag joke” and then don’t even have the courtesy to apologize.

NDNBlog has their usual morning roundup.
Everythng at The Left Coaster, of course.
TalkLeft asks,

As President Bush crows about his success in bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq, perhaps he can explain why Kamal Sayid Qadir has been sentenced to 30 years in an Iraqi prison for criticizing corruption in the Kurdish leadership.

How far are we from that happening here – jailed for talking about Bush/Republican corruption?