Astroturf Letter Alert!

In today’s Palo Alto Daily News (not online) I noticed the following suspicious letter:

Over the last few weeks, tens of thousands of Americans have been coming out to support our President and our troops at a series of “Rallies for America,” held across the country from Washington D.C. to California.

Where has the media been? There’s plenty of coverage of the Socialist-led anti-war demonstrations, complete with their vanguard of radical left-wing Hollywood “actors”. But where is the coverage of these rallies of grassroots support? The silence coming from the major news media has been deafening.

You have a DUTY to report on these grassroots outpourings of support for our country… Thank you.


A quick Google search reveals:

The Times of South Mississippi

The Salt Lake Tribune

Hispanic Vista

And, of course, see the wording here – I guess they’re saving money on copywriters.

Rallies for America” is sponsored by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, the Free Congress Foundation and others. (Is this the Clear Channel – corporate organized rallies?)

Yeah, right. “Grassroots.”