Ask The Simple Question

I wish the press would ask Republicans why they didn’t think it was “outrageous and baseless” to call President Clinton a “draft-dodger.”

Republicans roared back on Tuesday, accusing Mr. Kerry of “smear tactics” for saying the president should answer questions about his service record.

I wish someone would ask Republicans if they also think it was “smear tactics” to accuse President Clinton of … jeeze, think of all the things they accused him of!

Ralph Reed, the Bush campaign’s Southeast regional chairman, went even further. “It’s gutter politics,” Mr. Reed said in an interview. “We’re absolutely convinced that the American people will reject these smear tactics.”

Did the American people reject the Republicans for their tactics against President Clinton? How did the Republicans fare, after years of the nastiest kind of sleazy attacks on Clinton? Oh yeah, I remember, now they countrol the House, they control the Senate, and they control the White House.