Ask Rupert

This just in:

Anything you’d like to ask Rupert Murdoch?, a Web site of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University, wants to know: Do you have any questions for Rupert Murdoch?

The American Society of Newspaper Editors has selected Murdoch as a speaker at its annual conference, to be held in Washington April 12-15. To help make the Q&A part as edifying as possible, is soliciting questions for the controversial mogul who controls the News Corp, Fox Broadcasting Co., British Sky Broadcasting, more than 20 Fox TV stations, and newspapers, magazines and book publishing firms on several continents, among other holdings.

Questions should be posted on the Web site by clicking here.

Before the speech, which is on April 13, the editors of will pick what they feel are the dozen or so best questions, and make sure they get in the hands of editors who will be in the audience.

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