Ask Phil to return $25,000 in ChevronTexaco donations

According to the L.A. Weekly, ChevronTexaco has lavished $1.6 million on “state-level politicians and party committees since 2000” … including donating $25,000 to Treasurer Phil Angelides (now a leading candidate for governor in 2006, and a self-declared “progressive”).
This a minor data point buried in a long and very detailed and interesting article about how a small group of “moderate” Democrats continually frustrate efforts to clean up California’s polluted air (which apparently costs the state approximately $10 billion in public health costs a year)… but it is symbolic of the level of influence these large corporate polluters have (and shouldn’t). It would be a very powerful statement on Phil Angelides’ part to formally and emphatically declare himself free of influence from one of the top corporate polluters in state by returning the $25,000 donated to him by ChevronTexaco.
I’d even be willing to help compensate for the loss, by donating $25 on the condition that he take this action… are there a thousand other Californians who would do the same? Maybe a more prominent (and organized and connected) blogger could take up this cause? I think I’m going to write and point them to this article.
Comments? Thoughts? Reactions?

3 thoughts on “Ask Phil to return $25,000 in ChevronTexaco donations

  1. California resident here pledging my $25 to Angelides the day he sends back their check. Let’s make sure he hears us.

  2. I think that’s a terrific idea Thomas. Democrats should refuse to accept any oil money period. They only receive a token contribution compared to the millions upon millions Big Energy donates to Republicans anyway. The disgraceful exhibition of raw political power demonstrated by the House vote on the energy bill is only the latest example of Big Energy demanding favors from the political parties that are beyond the boundaries of normal politcal corruption.
    The interests of Big Energy are antithetical to the interests of average voters. Big Energy is a primary source of political corruption and has absolutely nothing positive to contribute to the political dialogue. Accepting money from any Big Energy syndicate inherently corrupts the politician who accepts it.

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