Ask and ye shall receive

In response to his pathetic plea for attention for his ragmuffin, dog earred web site, here are a few links to some of Bob Geiger’s recent stories:
An excellent round-up and analysis of the 109th Congress
Legislation Killed By GOP Senate Defines Republicans
Bob’s weekly think piece.
Saturday Cartoons
AEI is inviting Chalabi to speak tomorrow?
Dishonoring the Dead at the American Enterprise Institute
Democrats voting for Bloomberg? Say it ain’t so!
An Election-Day Message for New York City Democrats

3 thoughts on “Ask and ye shall receive

  1. As for Bloomberg’s victory in NYC, and he won with a landslide, he did indeed get the Democratic vote, even blacks and Hispanics. The Democrats has better take notice, and I’m not sure they’re gonna get what went wrong. I think it was that “Two New Yorks” message. Nobody wants to play divisive politics any more. New Yorkers have had it with hate and pitting ethnic groups against each other.

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