Argue Now

Let’s see if I can start everyone arguing. I left a comment over at Brad DeLong’s site, to someone who said it is inevitable that we will pull out of Iraq, just like we did with Vietnam:

“I think the situation in Vietnam was fundamentally different from Iraq today. Vietnam really was not a threat to us, and was not going to be. We really had no business being there at any time from start to finish. Leaving cost us nothing. (Before you say Cambodia, you’re wrong, and Vietnam actually stepped in to STOP that.)

But think about what Bush has created in Iraq. It was no threat to us before, but it is now. It really is a terrorist recruitment center now. And if we do leave, including leaving the oil (fat f*****g chance), then in the South we have created a wealthy nation-state allied with (maybe soon to be part of) Iran and intent on taking out revenge on us. In the North we leave behind a civil war between the Kurds and the Sunnis, wth Turkey invading. Meanwhile the entire region will have been disrupted by us, knowing that we DO just leave.

We can’t leave Iraq now. That was Dean’s position, by the way. The only people saying we should just leave are the Naderites.”

OK, start the argument, please.