Are You Paying Attention?

tristero at Hullabaloo,

If this country so much as opens the question to serious consideration “whether first-strike nukes are justified in the present world,” then we are already halfway down the path to a nuclear holocaust. All it will take to tip it over is one more major terrorist attack, and Bush will guarantee the nukes will fall. And if you don’t think there will be another major terrorist attack in America, either a real one or one faked by this administration, you have not been paying attention to what has been going on. Bush’s nuclear policy is quite clear: from the start he’s wanted to be the first president since Truman to drop a nuclear bomb.
On Monday, someone must ask McClellan: Is George Bush planning to start a nuclear war?

4 thoughts on “Are You Paying Attention?

  1. This is how I think it will likely go down. This is a column written by John Steinberg (aka Blue Meme) for Raw Story on April 2 called “Armageddon.”
    My summary:
    Basically, Bush and Israel work out a deal and do some air strikes in Iran for whatever reason, regardless of who takes credit, it’s done.
    Iran sinks the fifth fleet in the Persian Gulf in retaliation (10,000+ dead sailors in one day.) They DO have this capability and we have no countermeasures.
    Suddenly everyone supports the president again and all scandals go away. We forget about the mess in Iraq and everyone is gung-ho to do “whatever is necessary” because this is now a real war. Bush will likely use many of the new “little” nukes and we’ll kill ourselves 10 Million or so brown people and leave that part of the world like the area surrounding Chernobyl… a little radioactive.
    It’s disgusting. Seriously – John tells the story so well. Go read it.

  2. Randys post was pretty much on par, no matter how it starts it will end up being nuclear. Iran knows this and they have prepared for it.
    This could very easily escalate into WW3 and Bush will have his legacy.

  3. Keep in mind that these guys firmly believe in the Rapture and in bringing it on. Bush as Anti-Christ.

  4. It’s now April 14, 2006. Even the idiots in the Beltway may be seeing the darkness at the end of the Iran tunnel. After all, they will probably have to live in America after they have wrecked it. I would guess they know what is in their real interests at this juncture. So maybe they will forget about starting an Iran war.

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