Are You Outside the U.S.?

E-mail from a reader in Canada:

I attempted to register to vote by faxing the application form supplied by the Federal Voting Assistance Program,

US citizens who reside in foreign countries can register to vote in the US state they last resided in, so for me that would be Owl’s Head, Maine.

When my absentee ballot still hadn’t arrived today, I called the Owl’s Head Town office, and they said they hadn’t received my registration from the FVAP.

I asked if they could fax me a ballot that I could fedex back to them, but they said (as does the FVAP instructions) that they can only fax ballots for emergencies such as combat. They said the would check into it and fax me one if they could, but I still haven’t received it.

All FVAP applications sent via fax are faxed to the same central number. The FVAP then faxes it on to the local election official. I’m pretty sure my fax to the FVAP number went OK, but they never forwarded it.

So I won’t get to vote.

Now for the conspiracy theory: if it’s just me, I’ll just mail one of the forms to the Owl’s Head town office so I can vote in 2006. However, I read somewhere there are five million elegible voters living in foreign countries. Could there have been some systematic effort to keep us from registering? I registered for the Democratic Party.

I’d like to hear from anyone else with this problem. Is this a pattern