Are You in a Union?

Are you in a union? Not in your line of work, you think? You’re a programmer? Working in sales? A middle manager? Marketing? (Weblogger?) Two years ago programmers, system administrators, web designers, product managers, marketing managers, all thought they owned the world. Now many can’t find a job and have been looking for 6 months or a year or more. Wages are dropping, working conditions are deteriorating, jobs are being exported and the people they are exported to aren’t paid squat so they aren’t going to be buying whatever we do still make here.

Click here for some things to think about. Wherever you work. Whatever you do. This is a good time to learn what would be involved in getting a union or a “professional association” going at your company. Assuming you’re still employed, that is. Otherwise, maybe you should have gotten that union going while you still had time! (YES I’m talking to all of you HP workers, too, now that the second wave of layoffs is underway!)

From the AFL-CIO page, How & Why People Join Unions,

People who work for a living know about the inequality of power between employers and employees. Workers want to form unions so they can have a voice on the job to improve their lives, their families and their communities.

The AFL-CIO site is a good website. Take a look around. Take a look at Executive Paywatch in the Eye on Corporate America section!