Are You Going To Be Drafted?

The military is sending 130,000 more troops to Iraq, and will require 200,000 or more to be stationed there for years to control the country after we take it over. The reserves and National Guard are tapped out. North Korea is acting up and the situation there could turn into a major war. The government is planning a war with Iran, probably Syria, then who knows?

Obviously we do not have enough people in the military. It won’t be long now before the draft is reinstated. Think you’ll be able to get out of it? Take a look at this piece from Quaker in a Basement (thanks to Thinking it Through.)

A young man — or woman — turning 20 this year could be in boot camp in less than two weeks. All that’s needed is a single request from George W. Bush.

The draft. Don’t like it? Well, did you vote? Looks like you should have. Did you vote for Bush? Looks like you made a big mistake.