Are we already at war with Iran?

I’m not sure what to make of this story from Aljazerra, The US war with Iran has already begun
by Scott Ritter.
I posted this story a few minutes ago at MyDD hoping for some feedback.
There are details included in this story that certainly make it sound credible.
Did Scott Ritter turn to Al Jazerra because nobody in the M$M was willing to print his story? I tend to believe that Bush and the Theocons are doing everything they can to provoke a declared war with Iran, just exactly the way they did with Iraq. Maybe we are already at war with Iran and Bush just hasn’t decided to tell Congress or the American people yet.

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  1. Welcome to Summer in Arkansas

    Afternoon update on links from the WB42 5:30 Report with Doug Krile and the usual roundup of additional information. Including a link to a Scott Ritter piece that says we’re already at war with Iran.

  2. Well, if this story has a grain of truth to something really creepy and horrible is going to occur. Why? Because the frigging military is ready to break down now. The country is balking at going further in Iraq…never mind Iran. So what have they up their sleeves to rope us into this debacle?

  3. Troops? We don’t need no steenkin’ troops!
    Google up conplan8022, I’ve got one right here:
    Here’s a taste of more less well known nuke news to make you all queasy.
    “During three minutes of public comment before the Regents on Aug. 17, I informed them that the lab contract was going to the University of Texas; it was a “done deal.” I told them that the management contract change was a chess move the Carlyle Group was making to privatize the nuclear weapons program, that Carlyle owned 70 percent of Lockheed Martin Marietta, and that Lockheed a year ago had bought Sandia Labs – they make the trigger for nuclear weapons.”
    Don’t think we can get the media to look at it, starting secret wars and lying about it is old news- they casually mentioned pieces of those things between high profile unfortunate white woman of the week.
    We can’t expect any more from them than that because they think it’s funny to hear the Presisent laugh abput all those dead people who died because he lied us into an unwinnable war.
    Dana Millbank will really enjoy watching a few hundred thousand people incinerate overthis old news.

  4. Why should you believe anything Scott Ritter says? How about you listen to what he said before the Iraq invasion. He hit that bullseye so SQUARE no one will talk to him today. Seem him on any love talk shows lately?

  5. Thanks for the news grannyinsanity. Faux News is definitely the station to turn to for the latest story about runaway white girls. MSNBC is only a little bit behind them.
    I think Dana Milbank is exactly who Scott Ritter’s article was referring to:

    Dahr Jamail argued that U.S. mainstream media sources are complicit in the war and help sustain support for it by deliberately downplaying the truth about the devastation and death it is causing.

    War? What war? We are the M$M! We don’t need no stinkin’ news coverage of the Iraq war! Dead bodies? What dead bodies? We don’t need no sinkin’ body count! Why should we cover body counts when we got runaway white girls?

  6. About a week ago I talked to a co-worker that has a son in the Navy.They are stationed off the coast of Iran.I’m not sure whose waters they were in when this event happened but there was a merchant marine ship and our Navy had to get between it and the Iranian ship or the merchant marine would have maybe been history. He said the Navy has pulled in two big ships to patrol those waters.I should have asked him the name of his son’s ship but I wasn’t thinking.So I’m not sure how to look this up but, guess I will try and remember to ask the names of the ships that are out there and exactaly whose waters they are in.And maybe why are we out there? Maybe is normal for all I know but it stuck me at the time as a bit much to literally have to put themselves between the two.Maybe it happens more often then we know and is not at all unusual.I don’t know but it sounded extreme to me.

  7. Dread

    See if you aren’t ready to shit your breeks at the thought of what’s in store for us as regards the two remaining players in Bush’s “Axis of Evil.”

  8. I find it hard to believe. Then again, I’ve been surprised by the Bush admin before. Perhaps all that is to make for more pressure on Iran to do whatever it is they want Iran to do. Perhaps it’s a game of chicken. War-games are often kabuki theater, in a sense. As for air-space violation, the U.S. has done that the world over, and no one seems to care. And as for supporting the Iranian separatists, that is probably not new, either. Perhaps this is all to get Iran to the bargaining table on better terms? …or perhaps another small, manageable, quick-victory war will help with the 2006 elections, eh?

  9. That last sentense was sarcasm. The lines before that were Devil’s Advocate. Feel free to tear any of it apart.

  10. What are they going to use as troops? For the fourth month in a row the military recruiters have failed to bring in their quota and have (unsuccessfully) resorted to threats and bribery in the high schools. The number of people they are able to recruit is getting lower each month and they are in a panic. They have been using such inappropriate methods that the military pulled them all for a week of special training because of the outcry of the parents.

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