Are there any moderate Republicans?

I’ve always hated moderate Republicans. Usually they’re completely ordinary Republicans, with all the harm that that entails, and are called “moderate” only because they are pro-choice and/or pro-gay.
But when the chips are down, they aren’t even that. Not a single one of them supported the Alito filibuster, which was where the decision was made, and only one of them (Chafee) even voted against Alito in the meaningless final vote.
The only real moderate Republican in the Senate is Jeffords, who left the party. Snowe, Specter, Chafee, Collins, Gordon Smith, Norm Coleman and the rest all could have followed Jeffords’ example, but none of them did. In the end, they all supported the Religious Right.
Moderate Republicans are all allowed to wander off the reservation from time to time, in order to show sucker voters that they’re “independent”. But when the chips are down they’re just Republicans — on every issue, including abortion.
This should be the end of NARAL. For decades they’ve been supporting pro-choice Republicans, even in opposition to pro-choice Democrats. Supposedly this was part of a tough-minded long-term strategy, but the future is now. And what did they get for it? Nothing whatsoever.
For me privacy rights and choice should not be negotiable, but when pro-choice voters get all heated up about occasional Democratic proposals to use abortion as a bargaining chip, I don’t know what to think. For thirty years or more NARAL has treated every single Democratic issue except abortion (and maybe gay rights) as a bargaining chip. They have expected loyalty, but they’ve given none.
Pro-choice women should ditch NARAL. NARAL has failed.
(Jane Hamsher is pissed too, though she doesn’t go as far as I do).

3 thoughts on “Are there any moderate Republicans?

  1. John,
    I join Michelangelo Signorile when he says:
    Hey-indeedy, as atrios would say.

  2. I think the truth is that the REAL moderate Republicans got drummed out of the party years ago. The so-called moderate Republicans who still manage to hold national office are “moderate” in the sense that they’re maybe a little to the left of Atilla the Hun.

  3. “I’ve always hated moderate Republicans.”
    Good to know the party of “tolerance” and “diversity” is alive and well.

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